Writing Techniques: Why its important to the writers

Writing Techniques

Just close your eyes and think about any story that has completely engaged you. And it had made a significant impact on your heart and mind. As a reader, if you feel like this after reading any book or novel that’s mean the writer of the book done his job perfectly.  And his word and character became completely genuine and real for you. Did you get one? Now think about the writer’s creativity while writing. And the way of writing which made a significant impact on you.  Think about how writers write each and every word according to the situation and convey the message that makes a great impact on the human mind. What writing technique did the writer and author use to bring the complete story to life?  How they represent the emotions through the pen and paper. The writers are able enough to make you cry happy sad and many more with their writing techniques.
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What are the writing techniques?

Writing is an exceptional capability.  you have seen many of the writer used to write many novels and books. But very few get Fame and success. Writing involves many techniques and tricks. And writers use to write the content with their techniques. So that they could represent the perfect content in front of the audiences. Normal writing can be done by anyone but exceptional writing can only be done by the professional writers. But first of all, you should understand the difference between normal and professional writing. Normal writing or informal writing is a casual way of writing. In which we write the content in a very straightforward manner. We don’t use any special character or word to glorify our content. We use simple grammar techniques and methodology to convey our message or information through writing. Whereas in this classic form of writing we use some techniques and special form of writing that used to be different from the normal way of writing. With the help of this blog post, we get to know about these writing techniques. Which is used by the writers while writing any story,

Here are  some examples of writing techniques for the writer that generate life in the story for the writers are given below;

Writing Techniques
writing technique

1. The content must invoke multiple senses

When you write any story it should invoke many senses. By describing sensation, scents, tastes and sounds, writer immerses the reader in a different world. And he forces the reader to relate with the story. While writing the story, invoking multiple senses is a kind of art. And writers should care about it. Suppose if are a writer wants to describe the beauty of a girl. And according to him, she is the most beautiful girl he ever met. The way of the writer to describe the beauty of the girl will be like this, “Today I met a girl and I can say she was the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in my entire life. Her eyes were dark and deep, her smile was refreshing and soothing, her hairs were like a rainy cloud, she was definitely the perfect example of the beauty created by God

The above example of shows how to personification the thing, while writing anything. In a more explained way, we can say reader should not feel disconnected while reading to story. A good writer makes sure that everything he is presenting through his writing should make a proper impact on the reader’s mind.

2. Create fascinating and complex characters

Readers love to relate with the character with whom, they can sympathize. Remember the character of harry potter or iron man. While reading the story we use to connect with them. And want to learn more about their experiences in the story. Creating a fascinating and complex character for story write-up is most important for engaging the reader to the character.

Most of us have read the comic series of Marvel and we all love to read them.  did you ever think why these comics are quite famous among every age of group? And why we love to read such kind of content. Because whenever we read this kind of stuff it generates a kind of heroic feeling in our heart and mind.  And we just start relating ourselves to the main character of the comic. Sometimes we get quite impressed with the character and think about their real-life presence in our society and culture.  


Remember the story of Hulk, how his father made a lot of experiment on him, and due to a lot of experiment, that little boy converted into a green giant personality. We always had a soft corner for that boy who converted into Hulk.  That comic character affected our mind so much. And we just start loving his character. Same goes for Iron Man and the character of Iron man was so much fascinating and complex character.

How are a rich man and an arms dealer converted his self completely in an Iron Man? And started helping those who need it. The character of Iron Man is one of the best character and the writer put a lot of effort into its creation. And this is the reason by the writer should use some fascinating and complex character in their content. So that they could attract more audience and reader. And this is one of the best technique for engaging your audience with the content. If still, you have some queries related to the topic you can take help from assignment help Australia to know more about this topic.

3. Evoking strong emotions

Evoking strong emotions while writing any story or novel is one of the best technique which helps to engage the reader with the content. When the writer invokes the strong emotions with the scene represented in the story.  He grabs the attention of the Reader. By doing this writer create such kind of environment which create a lot of interest of the reader. Invoking strong emotions also help to give a meaningful direction to the story.

As we all know while reading any novel or book,  will love to attach ourselves with the story. Most of us have read the book The Notebook. And the character of Noah must be remembered. That character was so much fascinating and whenever we read about him we feel a lot of attachment with that character. That character meant for invoking strong emotions. And this is the reason it was one of the best seller books. The Story of the notebook was quite simple. But the formation of characters and the way of emotions represented by the writer through his writing technique was tremendous and mind-blowing.

Importance of emotions

We should appreciate the quality of the writer, who could develop such content that not only e good but also relatable to the many. for the beginner’s writer, it can be used as one of the best writing techniques. They can use a lot of emotions for the audience. while writing the writer must be very careful about this thing.

A proper representation of every scene can make his career bright. Most of the stories are only the writer’s imagination but if the writer is capable enough. And he knows every single writing technique then he can produce good content and can engage a lot of audiences. We all know human beings are emotional sometimes. And when there is something emotional they tried to relate their self with the story. And this is the reason why writers should envoke strong emotions through writing.

4. High tone voice for the character

While writing any story or any novel the most important thing that every character of the story must have a rich character or high tone voice.  Each and every character should have a proper description and the role in the story. Assume you are a writer and you want to write a complete novel. And want to make it a perfect reading treatment for the readers. What will be the first thing that is required to know? Obviously, you need a good writing technique and using rich character voice for the characters of the novel. and rich voice for a character is one of the writing techniques by which we gain the attention of the readers.

Story of a Monster and a innocent boy

We all know the story of a giant who used to live alone in a garden. His Garden was full of snow and he never enjoyed the spring in his Garden. The Monster never talks to anyone and he loves to live alone in his house. One day when a boy accidentally came into the garden and when the boy meets the monster. They became good friends. And The Monster started playing with the children’s. He realised that the reason why spring never came to his garden was his rude behaviour with the children. But once he started loving the children’s all season use to come in his garden timely.

This beautiful story was very classic and made a deep impact on our mind.  we love both characters. The lead character of the story had a rich character voice. the lead character of the story was the giant who used to live alone in his house. With the help of the story the writer trying to tell us that the monster was not too much friendly and he used to keep himself inside the room.

But when a little boy offered him a friendship they both became very good friends. at the starting of the story, we loved both characters, we could easily understand why monster lives alone because he had no friends and family. And this is the reason why using the character voice is essential for developing good content. It comes under one of the best writing techniques. They work on a single thing and provide a good character tone to every character of the story.

5. Pull the reader into the action

While writing any story and novel, the writer must pull the trigger into the action which means he must work for every scene which is going to represent in the front of the reader. If the scene is capable enough to pull the reader into the action that’s mean the writer’s effort is successful. we all have read the Marvels comics.

And most of us accept this truth that while reading the book, we all loved to connect ourselves with the characters. If we talk about Captain America, we must accept this truth that we were quite engaged with the character Captain America.  While writing the content the writer must care about all the writing technique. And by using this technique of writing, writers can easily write a good book and novel which can pull the reader into the action.


Now we know what is writing techniques? And how it is used by the writers.  If you have gone through the complete blog post now you are able enough to understand about every single thing of this topic. The writer uses several kinds of writing techniques. And in this blog post, these five primary techniques of writing are described.  These writing techniques are followed by every writer for the construction of good content.

And with the help of these writing techniques, we can surely write engaging and perfect content. Writing a book and novels is a kind of art.  Writers put a lot of effort into writing about a single character. They used to spend a lot of time constructing and developing a single character. While reading the novel the readers should not feel disconnected with the content. And if your content follows every writing techniques then there would be a very less possibility of its failure. So if you are a writer and wants to write the good content. You must follow these writing techniques. And by following these techniques you can easily construct a good content.
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